Saturday, August 13, 2016

Cancer is the Fruit of Blasphemy


Our Lord Jesus Christ the Lord spoke to His two witnesses on March 15, 2012. On that day, Jesus first shared some important insights on a particular piece of scripture as He often does throughout His testimony and that was the part on the Book of Luke, Chapter 5 where Jesus heals the paralytic. In regards to that scripture, Jesus said in today's Gospel. “My children, I healed the paralytic. First, by forgiving him of all of his sins and telling him to sin no more. Second, by commanding him to pick up his pallet and to walk. And once again this is to demonstrate spiritual realities at work and to demonstrate what I ask from souls that if they want to be healed from any physical ailments. They must first turn to me to be healeD of their sins and then their physical well being will follow. But this is just of the many proofs in scripture on how I chose and still choose to heal people from their physical afflictions. There are physical afflictions that come through the soul's choice to embrace sin, Then the soul must choose to reject and repent of all the sins he has committed in order for me to heal them from all their physical affliction and spiritual oppressions.
When My faithful and church flee to go to the refuges and caves, there will also be a luminous cross waiting for them to heal them of all their physical and spiritual afflictions. What is required in order for this to happen? First, they must come to My luminous cross, bow down before Me as their Lord, repent in their hearts of all wrongdoing and then I can begin to heal them from their physical afflictions, but it is sin thal keeps soul in the bondage of their bodies that are deformed, decaying that are withering away. I need souls to repent from their sins in order for Me to heal them. If they are blind, then they have to repent of spiritual blindness and I heal them from this affliction. IF THEY ARE PARAPHLEGIC, THEN THEY MUST REPENT OF THE SINS OF THE FLESH OF DESIRING SEXUAL PLEASURES OUTSIDE OF TRUE MARRIAGE. IF THEY ARE CRIPPLED, THEN THEY MUST REPENT OF THEIR DESIRE TO REBEL AGAINST MY COMMANDMENTS. AND IF THEY HAVE CANCER, THEY MUST REPENT OF SERIOUS BLASPHEMY AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT . Have they found a cure yet that they can release My children, and this is the sin against the Holy Spirit of which there is no forgiveness for but I always souls to know when they are blaspheming or not. They will know in their interior lives. And if they refuse to repent and change their ways, then they cannot be forgiven of sins.

So, for those of you who are tempted at this time to call these words evil and call it blasphemy, I would like to give you a fair warning, I suggest that you do not do that, in turn call judgement upon yourself because the two witnesses really do reoresent Jesus Christ the Lord and to deny them is to deny Jesus also. 
We are called to learn from the mistakes of those we read about it in the Bible, so I highly advise you against taking on the modern-day role of the Pharissees and Sadducees who called Jesus a blasphemer on multiple occasios and even claimed He was possessed by the devil. So, really the judgement they gave was the judgement they received for in reality, they were the blasphemers.

So, do yourself a favor and don't choose to take on that career path. For it says in Mark, whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness but is guilty of an eternal sin. 
Jesus said in His testimony, whoever blasphemes My Words and testimony will not enter the kingdom of heaven, will not enter into eternal rest but will be blotted out of the Book of Life. For any sin can be forgiven, but whoever sins against the true Holy Spirit will never be forgiven. And why is this My son? Pope Peter the last said: because when a person judges the Words of his creator as being evil, how can they then turn to what they consider evil in order to be saved. They cannot, and so blasphemy drives a wedge between a sinner and their only hope of salvation. And so if you don't believe that, judgement will come upon you swiftly for blaspheming against the Holy Spirit who is moving through the Lord's witnesses and His testimony on line. 
Here is a recent message found from the testimony archives from July 23rd 2016 that may help you to come to your senses sooner: the two witnesses said “almost three months ago we received an email from someone who was diagnosed with cancer. Unlike Naaman the leper, she refused to do what uncomfortable the prophet asked of her. She chose to never to speak to us again, that is until today when we learned that she has very, very little time left. Her actual email and I quote: “I would like to join and become one of the 144,000. I was told this past Sunday that I have malignant lymphoma. I believe God will heal me and I am requesting your prayers also to rid this from my body.” 

Jesus said, what makes sense My children, how can I help her. The fruits of rebellion is sickness, the fruits of obstinacy is pride and she has much of it. She has to repent wholeheartedly, recognize that she is deserving of her illness and turn to My mercy for healing and forgiveness. No lip service. Pope Peter the last then said, cancer is the fruits of the sin of blasphemy. Of course, the difficult question she will need to ask herself is what good has she been calling evil as she chose to shut us and then turn to her only source of her salvation in these end times that she considers good or evil. That is how blasphemy is a deadly snare indeed.

Now, the Fukushima radiation engulfing the globe which by the way radiation poisoning is an extreme form of cancer. It is no surprise that many people will die from this apocalyptic event because nearly everyone who has visited the testimony of the has denied the life-saving truths in it, blaspheming the Words of their creator. Not evereyone has to come to this website for this to happen as revealed in the testimony. People actually proxy for the region they live in as they come to read the Lord's testimony. And so, if you don't want cancer and if you don't want a catalyst for the Lord's judgement upon your own country or city, I suggest that you think twice before rejecting your only hope of salvation in these end times. But of course if you have rejected in your heart, you have already received something worse than cancer. What is that? Spiritual mark of Cain which is the return of your soul with all the torment of hell along with it. 
You can read all about it in the December 2015 archives. You can go ahead and look at personal testimony videos pf people who once had it on the mark of Cain page.

For the good of your soul, repent from the heart and go to and learn everything that you need to do do to survive through this time of great tribulation and what it truly takes to be a true follower of Jesus Christ the Lord in these end times.

May the most high true God bless the viewers of this message with the grace to seek forgiveness for your sins and true repentance from the heart and the grace to be able to discern between good and evil. Amen.

Source: testimony of the2