Wednesday, November 30, 2016

False Reality: Vain Thoughts, dreams, and Visions. Stay Spiritually Awake

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Is the True Spiritual Reality so uncomfortable, that you now find yourself turning to VAIN thoughts, dreams, and VISIONS, for "a FALSE REALITY", to LIVE in?

And so NOW, you need to REJECT your desire, to turn, to "VAIN thoughts, dreams, and VISIONS", for "a FALSE REALITY, to LIVE in" - INSTEAD! - ASK for the Grace, to LIVE in 'the TRUE Reality!' - ALWAYS; and in the TRUE REALITY, you will ALWAYS be "uncomfortable" - because THAT'S what it means to be "CLOTHED! - in SACKCLOTH, and in ASHES" - in HUMILITY! - and in TRUTH.  Because, of, "mankind's EGO" - the 'REACTION', is to HATE humility! - AND Truth; and prefer, "DECEPTION, lies, COMFORT, and false REALITIES" - BROUGHT about, BY the intellect - APART! - from, the Creator.  And so YOU need to fight AGAINST, 'those DESIRES' - to EMBRACE those wicked THINGS!  You NEED "all of Heaven's HELP!"  You NEED to be 'CONSTANTLY in prayer' - and 'CONSTANTLY discerning' - and THAT is how you stay "SPIRITUALLY awake".   Sometimes, "random thoughts", will go through your MIND! - without you DESIRING, to think about those things!  When that HAPPENS, you have TWO CHOICES! - to ENTERTAIN the thoughts, and SEE 'where the demons lead your MIND'?  Or, SHUN them! - and RESOLVE, to stay ROOTED, IN! - the Truth; and IN the Testimony; and IN! - Jesus Christ the Lord, and the Blessed Virgin MARY.  Because, if your THOUGHTS, are NOT 'drawing you CLOSER, to your CREATOR'? - they can ONLY draw you 'FURTHER away'!  Understand? 
Interesting observation:  IF, this website was the product of vain thoughts, dreams and visions - then why would we be instructing Members of the Faithful Remnant, to turn to their Creator for a Divine Intervention to snuff those things out?  Just another uncomfortable question, for those who hate the Testimony - have fun with that one!  We will be sure to ask the Blessed Virgin Mary, who has revealed to us her NEW titles, as "Conqueror of false realities" and "Mother of the True Spiritual Realities", to make sure you FULLY WAKE UP! - once your days of rejecting the Testimony of her Son, are over.  Better sooner, than later - if you know what we mean - referring to my wife and I.

   And remember, in these End Times, if you can THINK of something about yourself that ain't broke it's because you turned to the Most High True God in order to fix it. 
Are you NOT thanking Him ALWAYS for that? 
Then fix it!

Source: testimony of the two witnesses