Saturday, November 5, 2016

Are you a Pet Goat or One of My Sheep? - Jesus


On July 8, 2015, Jesus Christ the Lord spoke to His two witnesses and this is what He said: 
Well done on the video My children. You can see that it is taking off now, gathering in great numbers as more and more people are blogging this particular video. The information in it is cutting edge knowledge, but for what purpose some people are asking.

In revealing the plans of the One World government, I am revealing to the people The Judgment has been passed and what is currently unfolding. I said that I would use the antichrist in the White House to scourge the people and I meant it! And that is what is about to happen next. And they will not escape, because the majority of them are asleep, and are unfortunately, pet goats. My mercy is extended to those, who would seek truth, and life, extended to those who can recognize My voice. But those who deny Me, have already been denied, by My Father who lives and reigns in heaven forever.

Truth is uncomfortable. I did mot wear a crown of thorns on My head for decoration, now did I? But the difference is: I WAS and AM, COMPLETELY INNOCENT. I took the brunt of punishment for mankind's sins, yes! So that heaven was an option.

Before I died on the cross, (the death that Adam was deserving of, and his lineage). Before My resurrection, heaven was not an option. I died so that that those who would want to live, could have the option, to share in My Resurrection. I did not rubber stamp all of mankind as SAVED. That is, the deception, all of the Christian leaders have been feeding their gullible flocks.

If it was as easy by just believing in Me, then, I would have made a big, big mistake in creating HELL for the devil, his angels, and his protestant following.Because the devil believe in Me too! It's not good enough to believe, but one must follow that belief with action. And that is why there is a whole book, of the Bible, dedicated to Acts. It was not called the Beliefs of the apostles, was it? But in fact, it is called the Acts of the Apostles. Very simple. Even a child can understand once it is explained to them. 
My children will listen to Spiritual Counsel. The devil's children, and that is, goats, can only shun it. Which one are YOU My people?

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  - Jesus Christ the Lord